We build groundbreaking teams!

In Talataa we attract, verify, recruit and select highly skilled professionals in Latin America, a rising and vibrant hotspot of Digital and IT talent like software developers, java developers, mobile app developers and many more!

We´ll find extraordinary talent for your company.
Here’s how.

Through our five-step methodology we diligently verify hard skills, motivation, personality, values, behavior, lifestyle, communication style, strengths and weaknesses, before we select your new developer, programmer or digital team member.

 Our team of expert recruiters, who are highly experienced in digital and IT, understand the difference between programming languages and the unique needs your digital project might have. They develop personalized screening methods and technical evaluations that are crafted with your specific needs in mind, in order to handpick top Latin American talent for a guaranteed joyful match!

After You Hire

We follow up with you and the new member of your team, making sure both feel comfortable and well adapted to each other.

Talents will get unlimited access to our Master Classes on topics like time management, productivity, effective communication, motivation and self growth.

Why Hire your new Digital and IT team member in Latin America

  • Cultural connection and nearshore proximity.
  • Overlapping time zones, ideal for agile development.
  • Record numbers of tech graduates.
  • High rankings in developer skills tests and reports.
  • Wide range of programming skills.
  • High software developer job satisfaction, leading to high retention rates.
  • Multilingual talent, with top English scores.
  • Remote work experience.